New Zeland

New Zealand

No. Of Programs

1 (Business Immigration)

Time to Residence Permit

6 – 9 Months

Visa Free Countries


New Zealand
268,021 km²
4.794 million
English,New Zealand Sign Language,Māori
New Zealand Dollar
1 New zealand dollar 105.02 PKR
US$ 42,940.58
US$ 205.9 billion

New Zealand ranks highly in international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, protection of civil liberties, and economic freedom. 

Immigration to New Zealand consists of several stages – obtaining or confirming education and work experience, and the availability of a contract from a New Zealand employer. All this will help to score points in the points based immigration system, and apply for permanent residence.

New Zealand Business Immigration

The Entrepreneur Work Visa and Entrepreneur Residence category can be successfully used together as a means to obtain residency for those applicants who have sufficient capital, possess business experience, high level management or business ownership experience and want to minimize their business investment. Immigration New Zealand will also have a strong emphasis on businesses which can show high growth, innovation and export potential.

  • Minimum investment of NZ$100,000, unless this requirement is waived
  • Meet or exceed 120 points for capacity building factors such as age, investment into New Zealand, previous business experience, or where your business will be based amongst others;
  • Not involved in bankruptcy or business failure within the 5 years, preceding the date your application is made
  • Meet New Zealand health and character requirements for residence and English language requirements

You will initially be given a 12-month work visa, enabling you to buy or establish your business in New Zealand.

This is for the remaining 24 months of your visa. You can be granted the balance of your Entrepreneur Work Visa once you have shown the Business Migration Branch that you have taken steps to establish your business.

Transferring your investment capital to New Zealand through the banking system
Actions taken to establish your business, as shown by:
  • Documents showing setting up the business (e.g. certificate of incorporation)
  • Property purchase or lease documents for the business site
  • Invoices for business equipment and supplies
  • Other documents such as employment agreements, bank statements, utility company invoices

What are the main requirements?

  • Documents evidencing the constitution of the business (e.g. certificate of incorporation)
  • Meet or exceed 120 points on a scale which awards points for factors relating to the likely success of the proposed business and its value to New Zealand
  • Have a business plan specific to your proposed business
  • Not been involved in bankruptcy or business failure within 5 years preceding the date your application is made
  • Not have been involved in business fraud or financial impropriety, and
  • Meet health and character requirements for residence and English language requirement


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